Contemporary, classical or distinctly eccentric, the site you choose will set the tone of your event. Its atmosphere will make a statement about your image and underline your narrative. Selecting that space is the first step in organising your reception and you should have plenty of locations from which to choose.

Well-known for its expertise by all the public or private iconic sites across the Greater Paris area, Fleur de Mets recommends and finds the most appropriate and desirable venue to host your event and your guests.

Partnering locations



fleur de mets

Bourse du Commerce

Stade de France

Atelier des Lumières

La Serre




fleur de mets

Pavillons de Bercy

Terrasse des Champs-Elysées


Elysée Montmartre


Rooftop Grenelle

One of the most beautiful views in Paris!

High above street level, this space sits under a glass roof and is extended by two outdoor terraces from where you can marvel at the Seine, the Statue of Liberty, the Trocodéro, Bir-Hakeim bridge and the Eiffel Tower.

The space was entirely renovated in 2022.

Cocktail receptions 100 guests


An exceptional view in Paris


du Commerce

An exceptional building offering a subtle dialogue between the monumental and the intimate, between history and contemporary design, located in the heart of the capital’s most dense and active neighbourhoods.

The Bourse du Commerce can host your private events on mornings between 8:30 – 10:30 am and evenings from 7:30 pm. On Tuesdays, our day of closing , you can host your guests from 7 pm.

« Bourse de Commerce – Pinault Collection

© Tadao Ando Architect & Associates, Niney et Marca Architectes, Agence Pierre-Antoine Gatier. Photo Maxime Tétard, Studio Les Graphiquants, Paris »

Cocktail receptions Up to 800 guests

Stade de France

The Stade de France is the country’s national stadium and has been an international reference for the past 25 years. Not only have some of the biggest international tours and artists taken to the stage at the stadium, but it also hosts major soccer and rugby matches.  It will host 10 prestigious matches of the Rugby World Cup France in 2023 and become the Olympic Stadium for the Paris 2024 Games. 

Stade de France offers an exclusive, diversified schedule of events, which also attracts businesses looking to build strong, lasting ties with their partners. Each year, more than 90,000 VIPs were hosted in 180 boxes and 24 VIP lounges at Stade de France. 

For several years now, Stade de France initiatives have been guided by a solid commitment to injecting CSR into its business-centric products and services, whether they be for VIP offers on event day or for seminars and conventions. Stade de France adopted a responsible purchasing policy 10 years ago. As a result, flower decorations are 100% French and seasonal, 100% of bottles are glass and bio-waste sorting began in 2020. So, it’s natural that Stade de France collaborates with Fleur de Mets. 

©Charly Hel ©Fabrice Simonet

Atelier des Lumières

Atelier des Lumières is Paris’ first all-digital art museum. Delve into art and material through more than 200 laser projections, and  personalise your event by creating 100% made to measure decor. A totally unique experience, guaranteed!

© Atelier des Lumières – Exposition « Gustav Klimt, D’or et de couleurs »

Cocktail receptions 1,000 guests

Dinner 500 guests

La Serre

An address that will grow on you!

La Serre is a place to host events; it is bathed in light and overlooks the largest urban farm on a rooftop in the whole of Europe. Its fully glassed architecture opens to the sky, erasing the boundaries between indoor and outdoor. In the image of a winter garden, it offers a space suitable for day and night events.

Like any true living space, La Serre is for sprouting new ideas, it’s a place where relationships grow.


Cocktail receptions Up to 350 guests

Dinner Up to 290 guests

Rooftop Urban farm

Terrasse des


The Terrasse des Champs-Elysées offers a breathtaking view over all of Paris, from the Arc de Triomphe to Montmartre, and of course not forgetting the Eiffel Tower, the Grand Palais and the Louvre. 

This fully glassed space lets guests admire the view both indoors and outdoors. 

Ideally situated, the space can host meetings thanks to its auditorium or more festive business events up until 2 am!


Cocktail receptions 100 guests

Dinner 50 guests



Situated a stone’s throw away from the Arc de Triomphe and Champs-Élysées, the Musée Jacquemart-André enjoys a central location in the exceptional city of Paris. The former mansion of Nélie Jacquemart and Edouard André holds one of the most beautiful collections of artwork in Paris from some of the most remarkable artists, such as Uccello, Mantegna, Botticelli, Tiepolo, Van Dyck, Rembrandt, Fragonard, to name a few. 

The prestige of this mansion and its exquisitely decorated apartment rooms will leave your guests with lasting memories.

©Charles Duprat

Cocktail receptions to 500 guests

Dinner From 2 to 250 guests


Resolutely Parisian, this new floating pontoon, with its elegant contemporary design, is moored at the foot of the Eiffel Tower and is entirely dedicated to events. 

Cocktail receptions Up to 200 guests

Dinner - up to 70 guests

Pavillons de Bercy

The Pavillons de Bercy offers four venues which can be rented all together for large events of up to 4,000 guests or independently for gala dinners, cocktail dinners, parties, etc.  

Each venue offers a prestigious setting for a convivial event amidst objects that transport guests back to the entertainment and funfair of the 19th century. Merry-go-rounds and attractions from the era can be used by guests for a truly unforgettable experience.

Cocktail receptions Up to 4000 guests

Historical setting, Integrated entertainment Original scenography


Elysée Montmartre

Rich in history, Elysée Montmartre is registered as a historical monument. For more than 200 years, it has been a venue for so many of Paris’ performances, balls and lively parties. After considerable renovation and aesthetic improvements, it now opens its prestigious setting to business events, welcoming 200 to 1,000 patrons for conventions, cocktail receptions, concerts and balls.

Cocktail receptions Up to 1,000 guests

Dinner 500 guests


Théâtre du Trianon

At the end of the 19th century, the fervour of arts and performances spread throughout Paris. Ballrooms, cabarets, theatres and opera houses sprouted in the heart of the capital. At the foot of Montmartre sits the Trianon Palace, the last vestige of past music halls. From its theatre to its ballroom to its winter garden, it now opens its prestigious setting to business events, welcoming 200 to 1,000 patrons for conventions, cocktail receptions, concerts and balls

Cocktail receptions Up to 1000 guests

Dinner 350 guests


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Other sites

Backed by their trust for almost 20 years now, we can recommend more than 350 sites in the Ile-de-France region and organise your reception for you.

Boats, castles, convention centres, circuses, galleries, covered markets and greenhouses, glasshouses, private homes, historical monuments, museums, opera houses, exhibition sites, rooftops, terraces, theatres …These are just some of the types of venues that are ready to open their spaces up to you according to your desires and requirements.

Do you manage a space for events or receptions? Fleur de Mets organises 1,200 receptions per year in the most tasteful Parisian locations. We apply the professionalism and great care that each place deserves.