Thursday June 14th, 2018

Certifié AB !
Cet hiver, notre laboratoire de production s’est mis en conformité avec les  normes de production Biologique et a été certifié « AB » officiellement cette semaine (Ecocert).

Concrètement, cela se traduit par  une séparation totale entre les produits bio et non bio à l’arrivée, en zone de stockage, pendant les préparations et jusqu’à la sortie et départ des produits finis vers les réceptions.

Tous les produits brut bio que nous achetons sont concernés : fruits, légumes, viandes, poissons, pain, farine…


Les équipes de production ont déjà travaillé, pour le Château de Longchamp – Fondation GoodPlanet (référencement récent par le Groupe NOCTIS), sur un cahier des charges très strict, à l’élaboration d’une offre tout bio.


L’objectif étant de proposer à tous nos clients à court terme une carte cocktail et repas 100% AB !

Friday June 30th, 2017

A wonderful story of vegetables, humans and bees is blossoming between the FLEUR DE METS reception catering company and the FERME URBAINE DE ST DENIS city farm, a many-sided project initiated by Olivier Darné, artist-visual artist-beekeeper-thinker-producer and now, urban market gardener.

the FERME URBAINE DE ST DENIS has many different vocations: growing organic vegetables, keeping bees, enhancing the status of local cultures, educating, creating social relations and raising awareness of healthy-eating on the basis of its territorial roots in the commune of Saint-Denis (93)


To make this project a reality, a kitchen garden, an apiary, a culinary school, a pop-up restaurant and art installation and events areas will eventually be grouped together on 3 hectares of land, surrounded by a Macdonald’s, a longitudinal block of flats and a departmental main road.

In awareness of the project’s ecological, territorial and human aspects, FLEUR DE METS, - whose production laboratory is only 5 km away (it would be difficult to consume on a more local basis!) -, has entered into a partnership with the FERME URBAINE, initially for the supply of vegetables, aromatic herbs and flowers.

FLEUR DE METS will be working with the magnificent taste qualities of these products, which unfold as the seasons go by, and the Chef’s creativity, for parts, events and dishes.

Friday June 16th, 2017

Yesterday evening, FLEUR DE METS completed the production of a cocktail party given in honour of RMN-Grand Palais’s patrons of the arts. This cocktail party, bursting with the freshness of plants, was preceded and inspired by a private tour of the magnificent “Gardens” exhibition.

FLEUR DE METS is a sponsor of RMN-Grand Palais.

Wednesday June 14th, 2017

The Noctis Group and Yann Arthus Bertrand’s GoodPlanet Foundation have joined together in order to open an eco-responsible space in Paris: The Domaine de  Longchamp, an area composed of a Château and a laid out Glade of 1000m2 surrounded by 100-year-old trees, devoted to events and private occasions all kinds.

The FLEUR DE METS reception catering company is very proud to have been chosen, with its two brands (FLEUR DE METS and CUISINE & CIE), as the Noctis Group’s catering partner.

Let us recall that this venue has a 72-seat auditorium, a terrace with a view of the Longchamp Racecourse and a Glade for outdoor evenings. It can accommodate 450 people for cocktail parties and 200 people for lunches/dinners.

In tune with the GoodPlanet Foundation, the meal and cocktail party packages are of course eco-responsible!

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