Gastronomy & scenography


Giving you genuine emotions and fresh sensations to experience. The chef Philippe Saillard has his finger on the pulse of his time, designing modern and creative gastronomy, bursting with freshness. He works with raw-cooked vegetables with, here a fish seasoned with a hint of sourness, there a rare product in its natural state, with just the added refinement of an extra-virgin oil or an Asian pepper. His cuisine is precise, clear and, international. Philippe is insatiable traveller and a prolific chef with a driving passion. He creates two collections a year, enriching the cocktail and meal menu with more than 150 audacious, delicious and light creations per season. Under his demanding supervision pastries become dainty and, in turn, velvety-smooth, mousse and ganache, celebrating ripe fruit and flowers and reinterpreting savarin and choux pastry.


FLEUR DE METS collaborates with the young guard of chefs and holders of stars and often freely invites famous pastry chefs to our clients’ tables, for made-to-measure menus.


FLEUR DE METS’s partner retailers and producers, master bakers, master cheesemakers, poulterers and market gardeners, are all men and women of talent, met through a mutual commitment to taste and exacting standards. The freshness, quality, and taste of products ordered on a daily basis are the foundation of the gastronomy of excellence offered to our guests.


Nicolas Rebut, our consultant master sommelier, has been collaborating with FLEUR DE METS for several years in the creation of our cellar and wines menu. He long dreamed of becoming a chef before discovering his taste for great wines and fine vineyards. From his initial vocation he retains a very fine understanding of cuisine and the harmony between dishes and wines.


This year, the Marianne Guedin is collaborating with Philippe Saillard, creatively setting the stage for FLEUR DE METS dinners and cocktail parties. She has created a “Droplets” table and a “Palm Leaves” buffet display for our clients, in a vocabulary bursting with plant freshness. Marianne is a graduate of the Ecole Nationale des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD), she designs plant stage settings and has created her first blown-glass vases, in particular her bestseller Toupie, which is still distributed. She was voted “Créatrice de l’année now! design à vivre” (designer of the year) in 2006 at Maison & Objet, the leading international decoration and design trade fair. She then expanded her collection of objects with a line of perfumed candles Dingue de Guedin [“Crazy Madness”], Nocturne, Collines de Capri [“Hills of Capri”]… and candleholders Les Feux Follets [Will-o’-the-Wisp] (2016), which are distributed internationally by selective outlets. She uses her artistic expertise and knowledge of plants to complete numerous ephemeral projects throughout the world, for the most important luxury brands and events. She works on fashion shows, private evenings, art installations, cinema and advertising in turn.